London Fintech podcast - Litigation crowdfunding w/Cormac Leech CEO AxiaFunder

Here is the new episode of the top rated London Fintech Podcast. The in-depth podcast is between Mike Baliman the podcast founder/host and AxiaFunder Co-founder Cormac Leech.  

As introduced by London Fintech Podcast: 
Creativity springs eternal. Here is yet another new topic, one that no one could have imagined even a couple of decades ago. Litigation crowdfunding gives litigants a new source of funding and investors a totally new investable asset with non-correlated returns. Cormac Leech CEO and co-founder of AxiaFunder walks us through this complex landscape.

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Posted on 4 Feb. 2019
Is litigation funding a source for social good? | AxiaFunder
Is commercial litigation funding socially inclusive or could it be considered ambulance chasing? Learn more about why we think it's a social good.
Wisdom of crowds: Startup brings crowd funding to litigation finance by CityAM

When Cormac Leech, chief executive of new crowd funding litigation platform Axiafunder, is questioned about the potential 20-30 per cent returns offered to investors on its website, he doubles down.

Written by James Booth, CityAM reporter covering the legal and insurance sectors, published by CityAM on 11 February 2019.

Posted on 13 February 2019.
Fancy something different for your ISA? Try a little innovation

Innovative Finance Individual Savings Accounts (IFISAs) allow investors to be innovative in the ways they invest. There are many different areas which one can invest in using IFISAs to get tax-free returns. Carol Lewis reports on the various options including investing into AxiaFunder’s IFISAs eligible offers which are allowing investors to invest in legal cases. The range of options for investments which are eligible to be put into an IFISAs are very diverse. IFISA investments can earn tax free interest for the investors and allow small businesses and individuals to access loans. 

Originally published in Financial Times written by Carol Lewis, on 2 March 2019.

Posted on 6 March 2019.
How to suffer loss
Bruce Packard writes about the different ways in which we should consider the risk of loss. He reflects on the lessons we can learn from the very first joint stock companies of the City of London, the St Petersburg Paradox discussed by Daniel and Nicolaus Bernoulli in 1738, and what these can tell us about the risks of loss in litigation finance.  

“The idea of litigation finance is simple, legal cases cost money and sometimes a claimant is unable to afford to fight a case; so in exchange for money up front, they share the return of any settlement winnings paid out in the future. Burford Capital does this very successfully – but Cormac is trying to allow retail investors to fund smaller cases."

Originally posted on Bruce Packard’s blog on 12 October 2018.

Posted on 6 March 2019. 
AxiaFunder sponsorship & participation at R3 London & SouthEast Regional Meeting
AxiaFunder participated in the R3 LONDON & SOUTH EAST REGIONAL MEETING, hosted by Farrer & Co, regarding  how to best support and engage with new professionals within the Restructuring sector. AxiaFunder sponsored the event with director Cormac Leech participating as a speaker. 
AxiaFunder case win: Net investor gain of 43% after 8 months
Case ID 1555, funded in January 2019 has settled, with the case SPV being paid its full contractual entitlement, following a successful mediation in early July.

Posted on 30 August 2019.
Litigation finance comes of age

This article was originally posted on CityAM and the views expressed are those of the author (not affiliated with AxiaFunder). 

Emily Perryman reports for CityAM on how the UK’s first litigation crowdfunding platform, AxiaFunder is enabling private investors to invest in litigation finance, an area previously only open to hedge funds and other large institutions. 

She discusses: 
  1. Axia’s record in raising funds for its first three cases
  2. The potential risks and rewards of investing in litigation 
  3. AxiaFunder’s selective approach in choosing which cases to offer on its platform. 

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The litigation platform that’s changing the game for investors

Not many alternative finance firms can boast that they earned 43 per cent for investors on their first ever case, and while of course, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results, AxiaFunder was always going to do things differently.
The high price of certainty
Roughly a quarter of all debt issued by governments and companies around the world, $15 trillion in absolute terms, is trading at negative yields.* If investors hold the debt to maturity they are certain to receive less than they have paid in the market for the debt. Government bonds are seen as “low risk” because you are almost certain to receive the principal; certainty comes with a high price (zero or negative real returns).

Posted on 29 October 2019.
Litigation funding: A profitable portfolio alternative during Brexit?

With yields at close to multi-century lows, equities valuations stretched, and Brexit dominating the headlines, attractive alternatives to cash are arguably limited. In this context, the double-digit returns offered by litigation funding, with no correlation to macro or political risk are potentially attractive to qualified investors.

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