For an equity investment, once the case is resolved and all expenses have been paid, the company will be wound up with capital returned to the shareholders. Therefore investors should typically expect no dividends while the case is ongoing and a single payment when the case has been settled.   

Bond holders will receive the return agreed with AxiaFunder at the time the bonds were issued provided there is sufficient capital in the Company. For investors this will typically be based on return of your original principal plus a predefined interest rate applied for the duration of the case on a simple basis (e.g. 80% pa for 21 months).

In general, although it varies for each case, under the terms upon which the litigation funding is provided, AxiaFunder and its investors will receive their return (and original investment) first. Then other liabilities of the claimant will be paid including legal fees. Finally, the claimant will be entitled to retain the remaining amounts. 

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