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Why Litigation Crowdfunding can be Attractive

What is litigation crowdfunding? How litigation crowdfunding provides the possibility of attractive return to potential investors? Watch this video.

How to Invest with AxiaFunder

We guide you through the process from registration to investment on the AxiaFunder platform.

How litigation funding works


Complete our simple registration process: click on Find out more - you then need to complete an Investor Readiness process and upload some Identity documents which are necessary to comply with anti-money laundering requirements.

Investor Approval

For legal reasons AxiaFunder needs to review your profile before granting access to the case details; we’ll aim to do this within 30 minutes and you will receive an email notification once this is complete.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Review and agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for the case. This is required because the information related to a case is typically sensitive for both the claimant and the defendant.

Information Access

Once you and AxiaFunder have digitally agreed to the NDA, you will have access to the details of the case including many of the relevant case legal documents. You will also be provided with an offer document for your review.


You can invest in the case, either directly or via your IF ISA account, by clicking on the relevant button. If investing directly, you will be asked to fund your investment either by bank transfer or card.

Investment Conclusion

Over the duration of a case there will be updates every quarter. At maturity of the investment, if a case is resolved successfully there will be a deposit of principal and interest to your AxiaFunder wallet. You can withdraw cash from your AxiaFunder wallet at any time. If the case is unsuccessful you will likely incur a significant loss of up to your entire investment. For full explanation of potential risks please refer to risk section.

Partially guaranteed funding

Although AxiaFunder is reliant on the crowd to fund each case, we have entered an arrangement with another Partner company that can guarantee funding for a minimum agreed number of cases, if those cases aren't fully funded on the platform before the offer deadline.
Before a case goes on the platform, the Partner reviews it and confirms how much of it (if any) they will commit to funding if Axia's investors don't take up the full offer. This helps provide more certainty for claimants that funds will be available to support their litigation.
All approved cases are first offered to AxiaFunder's investors. If the case is not fully funded, the deficit is then funded by the Partner, provided that their committed capital is sufficient to fund the deficit completely. (Of course, an excessively large deficit results in the offer being cancelled).
AxiaFunder's data evaluation for case assessment is powered by Solomonic litigation analytics 

Blog and Press

UPDATED. What are the risks facing an investor in litigation funding?

For litigation funders, adverse cost risk, whilst real, is an identifiable and manageable risk which is extremely low and should not, of itself, deter those investors who are interested in seeking the projected returns that this type of investment may be able to offer, as part of a balanced portfolio of investments.

By Michael Lent, AxiaFunder Case Originator and Assessor   

Posted on 23 Aug 2018. Updated 01 April 2020

Invest / Thursday at 16:8

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The only free lunch in finance?

Harry Markowitz the Nobel prize winning economist and godfather of modern portfolio theory famously remarked that diversificationis “the only free lunch in finance” and as a result it is a term that gets tossed around fairly indiscriminately in the investment community – often by financial advisors and private wealth managers or in product marketing pitches. The usual intention being to reassure investors their exposure is not concentrated on a single risky bet but instead spread across a number of supposedly independent wagers. In other words - not putting all your eggs in one basket! 

The idea being that this should significantly increase the likelihood of a positive return given there should (at least in theory) be only a remote chance that all these smaller bets yield negative outcomes simultaneously.  

However, the danger is when investors are sold what they are told is a diversified, low risk, investment but the individual sub-investments are either correlated to each other or to one or more common factors.

Invest / Thursday at 13:15

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Case assessment: legal merits

When AxiaFunder take on cases for investment the merits of the case are given careful consideration. This, in turn, raises the question about what is meant by the merits. There are many constituents.

Invest / Friday at 10:3

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