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Your capital is at risk and investments are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The investments on this website are intended for Sophisticated and High Net Worth Investors as defined by the FCA.

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Software Theft & Copyright Infringement (Case ID: 2754)

Copyright Infringment

Capital required to fund a claim of software theft and copyright infringement. The case is supported by extensive electronic and CCTV evidence lodged with the police. The Claim value is estimated to be £5-10m based on the most recent investment rounds and the company’s operating performance. The Claim value is over 17x the cost to litigate. A detailed independent opinion by a senior lawyer identifies a strong basis to file the claim and a high probability of obtaining a favourable resolution. Our research indicates that the Defendants have sufficient resources to pay the damages. The lawyers running the case are experienced running this type of claim and are highly incentivised to achieve a positive outcome. Unless early settlement is reached, the Claim will be filed in the Barcelona Commercial Court. If the Claim settles pre-trial, investors are senior in the cash waterfall and contractually entitled to a Return of 66% per annum increasing until proceeds are received. If the Claim wins at trial, investors are contractually entitled to the greater of a Multiple on Capital (MoC) of 2.8x and an uncapped Return increasing at 66% per annum (33% for each 6 months of part thereof).

£255,000 Required

£4,500 Available to fund

66% PA Return

2.8x + at trial MoC

Open for investment


Capital is at risk and projected returns are not guaranteed. Investors have a significant risk of losing all of their investment if the case fails and could lose double their investment in the unlikely event that the case insurer also defaults.

20 Days left

Investment type: Equity

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Benefits to investors

  • High Returns

    Limited availability of capital to date means investors have enjoyed attractive returns with IRRs as high as 30-35% 

    Case Return Simulator
    Interactive model to calculate expected IRR.

  • Zero Correlation

    Litigation returns are uncorrelated with other risk assets such as equities and bonds or even the broader economy
  • Natural Exit

    The legal process normally creates a well defined duration for each investment - usually between 12-24 months, in contrast to the much longer term of typical private equity deals

Risk control: Only cases with strong merits will be put forward to investors

  • Strong case review team: with a mix of professionals from both financial services and commercial litigation including lawyers named as ‘Leading Individuals’ in Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners

  • Rigorous case review process:  combining both internal and external expertise to provide a highly objective assessment of each case thus minimising potential risks

  • Strict case selection criteria: detailed assessment of cases based on key factors such as their merits, economics, experience of counsel and enforceability

  • Extensive network within the legal sector:  providing access to the broadest universe of cases with the most attractive investment opportunities

AxiaFunder's data evaluation for case assessment is powered by Solomonic litigation analytics 

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