Rapid response

Streamlined process that typically funds within 4 weeks, 2-3 times faster than peers

Timely availability of funds

Simplified decision making that avoids delays frequently experienced with competitors

Lower cost capital

Via crowdfunding and AxiaFunder's lean underwriting model

Flexible use of funds

Funding available for legal fees, insurance costs, working capital and personal expenses

Independent of legal process

Claimants and lawyers left to pursue their case without AxiaFunder involvement

Non recourse finance

Funds raised through AxiaFunder only need to be repaid if the case reaches settlement or wins at trial

Guaranteed funding potentially available

Although AxiaFunder is reliant on the crowd to fund each litigation case, we have entered an arrangement with another Partner company that can guarantee litigation funding for a minimum agreed number of cases, if those cases aren't fully funded on the platform before the offer deadline.
Before a case goes on the funding platform, the Partner reviews it and confirms how much of it (if any) they will commit to funding if Axia's investors don't take up the full offer. This helps provide more certainty for claimants that funds will be available to support their litigation.
All approved cases are first offered to AxiaFunder's investors. If the case is not fully funded, the deficit is then funded by the Partner, provided that their committed capital is sufficient to fund the deficit completely. (Of course, an excessively large deficit results in the offer being cancelled).

We fund litigation cases that require between £100,000 to £1 million

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