AxiaFunder case win: net investor gain of 43% after 8 months
Case ID 1555, funded in January 2019 has settled, with the case SPV being paid its full contractual entitlement, following a successful mediation in early July.

Posted on 30th Aug. 2019
Axia sponsorship & participation at R3 London & SouthEast Regional Meeting
Axiafunder participated in the R3 LONDON & SOUTH EAST REGIONAL MEETING, hosted by Farrer & Co, regarding  how to best support and engage with new professionals within the Restructuring sector. AxiaFunder sponsored the event with director Cormac Leech participating as a speaker. 
How to Suffer Loss
The following blog post was written by Bruce Packard CFA, an independent value investor and personal friend of Cormac Leech, CEO of AxiaFunder.

“The idea of litigation finance is simple, legal cases cost money and sometimes a claimant is unable to afford to fight a case; so in exchange for money up front, they share the return of any settlement winnings paid out in the future. Burford Capital does this very successfully – but Cormac is trying to allow retail investors to fund smaller cases."

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Originally posted on Bruce Packard’s blog on 12 Oct., 2018 

Posted on 6th March, 2019
Fancy Something Different for Your Isa? Try a Little Innovation

"If you want to be innovative with your investments, there is no shortage of choices promising lucrative tax-free returns — from funding legal cases to restoring historic properties.

A diverse range of investments can be put into Innovative Finance Individual Savings Accounts (Ifisas). These can be used to earn tax-free interest on loans to individuals and businesses."

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Originally published in Financial Times written by Carol Lewis, on 2nd March 2019 

Posted on 6th March 2019
Wisdom of crowds: startup brings crowd funding to litigation finance by CityAM

When Cormac Leech, chief executive of new crowd funding litigation platform Axiafunder, is questioned about the potential 20-30 per cent returns offered to investors on its website, he doubles down.

Written by James Booth, CityAM reporter covering the legal and insurance sectors, published by CityAM on 11 Feb, 2019

Posted on 13 Feb. 2019
Litigation Crowdfunding: Socially Inclusive or Ambulance Chasing?
Litigation funding - where third-party financing is used to pay for legal action - has been around for many years now. Although successfully applied to a certain segment of the legal market, until now it has generally been restricted to hedge funds and private equity firms generating attractive returns from large cases. That seems to be about to change with potentially positive implications for social inclusion. 

Written by Alex Heshmaty, a legal copywriter and journalist, sponsored by AxiaFunder

Posted on 4 Feb. 2019
London Fintech Podcast - Litigation Crowdfunding w/Cormac Leech CEO Axiafunder

Here is the new episode of the top rated London Fintech Podcast. The in-depth podcast is between Mike Baliman the podcast founder/host and AxiaFunder Co-founder Cormac Leech.  

As introduced by London Fintech Podcast: 
Creativity springs eternal. Here is yet another new topic, one that no one could have imagined even a couple of decades ago. Litigation crowdfunding gives litigants a new source of funding and investors a totally new investable asset with non-correlated returns. Cormac Leech CEO and co-founder of AxiaFunder walks us through this complex landscape.

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Posted on 4 Feb. 2019
New P2P platform launches to fund litigation cases

A NEW crowdfunding platform has launched in the UK that enables investors to fund litigation cases.
AxiaFunder went live earlier this month and has already fully funded its first case, a professional negligence dispute that was looking to raise £12,720. If the case wins, the expected return for investors is 60 per cent per year.

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Posted on 18 Jan. 2019
Litigation finance industry opens up to private investors

The growing popularity of litigation finance has been fuelled by billions of dollars from hedge funds, private equity and other institutional investors. Now a crowdfunding platform due to launch in the UK early next month is hoping to spread the word — and the high returns — to private investors. In recent years, money has been pouring into litigation finance businesses, which provide upfront funding for claimants who cannot afford to fight legal disputes in return for a share of any settlement or damages.  

Originally published in Financial Times by Barney Thompson, legal correspondent on 23rd August 2018

Posted on 23 Aug. 2018
What are the risks facing an investor in litigation funding?
For litigation funders, adverse cost risk, whilst real, is an identifiable and manageable risk which is extremely low and should not, of itself, deter those investors who are interested in seeking the projected returns that this type of investment may be able to offer, as part of a balanced portfolio of investments.

By Michael Lent, AxiaFunder Case Originator and Assessor   

Posted on 23 Aug. 2018
The Best Kept Secret in Investing?
Having experienced a significant broad-based rally in equity and property markets over the last 9 years, arguably now is a good time for eligible investors to look to diversify their exposure across other asset classes - ideally those with little or no correlation with traditional risk markets. In this regard, litigation funding seems like an attractive option although not without its own specific risks. 

By Rabin Tambyraja, Professional Investor and AxiaFunder shareholder

Posted on 21 May 2018