Risks for investors in litigation funding | AxiaFunder
This blog examines the nature of the risks facing investors in litigation funding. What are the risks of litigation funding as an investment opportunity?
Secondary Market trading activity
Blog contains information on all recent secondary market trading activity regarding cases funded via the AxiaFunder platform.
Litigation funding case statistics | AxiaFunder
Last updated on 15 November 2021.

To date, 14 litigation cases have been fully funded via our platform, of which six have been successfully resolved, generating a 33-94% return to investors each over a period of 2-15 months. Meanwhile, the other 8 cases remain ongoing. Total amount of capital raised to date is £2,237,843 with an average IRR on the resolved cases equivalent to 48%. There are no losses to date. 
Innovations in Litigation Funding Digital Event

AxiaFunder have participated in a special digital conference titled Innovations in Litigation Funding hosted by Litigation Finance Journal. The event consisted of a panel discussion focusing on disruptive technologies in the litigation finance industry.
Flexible litigation funding
Unlike traditional litigation funders who would be backed by institutional investors and required to operate within strict investment constraints, AxiaFunder, a litigation funding platform, offers fast and flexible low-cost funding solutions to claimants and solicitors because it relies on sourcing capital from a large pool of professional, high net worth and sophisticated retail investors.

AxiaFunder launches secondary market for trading litigation finance investments

AxiaFunder launches secondary market for trading litigation finance investments enabling case investors to trade case investments among each other while the legal case is still ongoing, within certain constraints on pricing and timing. 
UK Investor Magazine podcast

The UK Investor Magazine Podcast is joined by Cormac Leech, the CEO of AxiaFunder.
Feature in the UK Investor Magazine

AxiaFunder has been recently featured in the UK Investor Magazine. 
AxiaFunder general update
Two cases resolved successfully in July; New litigation investment opportunities available now

Overview of litigation finance in Net Interest

In a recent issue of Net Interest, Marc Rubinstein and Bruce Packard take a close look at litigation finance.
AxiaFunder launches first international case

In April 2021, AxiaFunder is raising funding for its first case outside the UK – a high-value claim of copyright infringement that is going to be filed in Barcelona Commercial Court.
Litigation funding versus other investment opportunities
In contrast to other investment opportunities (e.g., equities or real estate), litigation funding has zero correlation with the fluctuations in the broader economy and other assets. It is likely that litigation funding might even be inversely correlated with the state of the financial markets if litigation increases during an economic recession — namely due to a sharp increase in insolvencies. The demand for litigation funding is expected to increase as more companies file lawsuits related to contract disputes and business insurance claims arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these litigants may require capital to pursue their claims, in which case the non-recourse nature of litigation finance investments should stay particularly appealing.
Single case versus portfolio litigation funding
One type of investment opportunity that should live up to its claim of offering real diversification, is a portfolio of legal cases – obviously as one part of a well-structured investment strategy spread across several asset types. While the outcome of any single case is clearly binary – the case can either win - in other words, the claimant is successful (either through a negotiated settlement or the damages awarded by the court at trial), or the case can lose. Thus, any litigation investor can significantly increase the likelihood of a positive return of their overall litigation investment by dividing their total investable sum amongst a number of claims.
Litigation Finance Journal podcast

Cormac Leech, director of AxiaFunder, discusses the company’s general approach and how crowdfunding platforms should be considered in the context of the code of the Association of Litigation Funders. The podcast also discusses AxiaFunder’s current priorities.
Evaluating litigation crowdfunding in light of the Code of the ALF

Using a platform to fund commercial litigation is a novel approach which, by necessity, requires careful consideration by solicitors and claimants before proceeding. One lens through which to evaluate litigation crowdfunding is the Code of the Association of Litigation Funders (ALF). 
Profile Review by P2P Guarantee

This article is part of the profile review performed by P2P Guarantee and the views expressed are those of the author (not affiliated with AxiaFunder).

Litigation funding is an interesting investment opportunity, mainly for diversifying and generating high returns, but which also carries its risks. As long as an investor knows what he is doing, the author believes these waters can be navigated with success. 
Profile Review by Valiqo

This article is part of the Profile Review performed by Valiqo and the views expressed are those of the author (not affiliated with AxiaFunder).

At the time of writing, October 2020, 10 cases have been funded through the platform, 8 of which are still ongoing and 2 have been successfully resolved. The latter cases generated a 43% and 94% return on investment in 8 and 15 months, respectively.
First secondary market trade of litigation funding assets completes

AxiaFunder has assisted with a secondary market trade of litigation funding assets which closed today. The assets were sold to 12 investors, at a 20% premium to the original issuance price in December 2019. 
Litigation funding with Cormac Leech podcast | AxiaFunder

In this podcast, Jean Galea and Joseph Galea meet Cormac Leech from AxiaFunder to discuss how investors can potentially make money from litigation cases. 
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Hedge funds have made big returns funding litigation cases. With AxiaFunder, you can now participate too  

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