The Investor Appropriateness Test
This blog contains information that we encourage you to read and understand before attempting our investor appropriateness test.
Risks for investors in litigation funding
This blog examines the nature of the risks facing investors in litigation funding. What are the risks of litigation funding as an investment opportunity?
AxiaFunder FCA Direct Authorisation
AxiaFunder (registered company name Champerty Ltd) is pleased to report that it has become directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, effective from the 10th January 2023.
AxiaFunder won Innovative Lender of the Year Award
We are pleased to announce that AxiaFunder won the innovative lender of the year award at P2P Finance Awards 2022.

Access to litigation investments

To the best of our knowledge, AxiaFunder is the only established litigation funding platform offering sophisticated high net worth retail and smaller professional investors access to litigation investments where most of the gross return is paid to the investor.
The Peer2Peer Finance News Power 50 2022

Cormac Leech, CEO of AxiaFunder, has been recognised in the Peer2Peer Finance News Power 50.
AxiaFunder Review by P2P Platforms

AxiaFunder has been reviewed by P2P Platforms. 
AxiaFunder Review by 4thWay

The P2P lending research site 4thWay have completed a new, highly detailed assessment on AxiaFunder.  

“With realised gains so far of 48% per year, and being unaligned with recessions and property crashes, why wouldn't you consider this opportunity?” – 4th Way. 
AxiaFunder interview with CEO Cormac Leech

Cormac Leech, CEO of AxiaFunder, talks about investing in litigation cases via AxiaFunder and the risks involved in litigation funding. Cormac Leech describes how AxiaFunder addresses the current gap in the litigation funding market.  
AxiaFunder Targets Double-Digit IRRs

AxiaFunder’s Litigation Finance platform targets double-digit IRRs and uniquely connects investors with pre-vetted litigation opportunities within the UK and internationally.
AxiaFunder Review in iTech Post

AxiaFunder supports cases with high probabilities of success through transparent investment vehicles. 
AxiaFunder launched new litigation finance product
AxiaFunder has launched a new litigation finance portfolio product, enabling investors to diversify their funds across up to 90 cases while targeting returns of up to 28 per cent.

Back the suits who are bankrolling disputes

Lawsuits are a trillion-dollar business and litigation funders play a key role in funding legal disputes. The accounting can be complex, but there are opportunities for investors to profit, according to Bruce Packard.
Catalysing class actions using litigation funding

In a recently published article on Legal Futures website, Noor Kadhim explains that rapid expansion of litigation funding has made class
Introduction to litigation funding

In a recently published article on Angel Investment Network’s website, AxiaFunder discuss litigation funding, its benefits, and the impacts of post Covid-19 economic environment on litigation investment.
Litigation funding and access to justice

In a recently published article in the Lawyer Monthly, AxiaFunder review the latest developments in litigation funding and the benefits that these developments yield to lawyers and the wider rule of law.
Financial Thing: Q&A with AxiaFunder

In this Financial Thing episode, Cormac Leech, CEO of AxiaFunder, discusses litigation funding and provides introduction to AxiaFunder – the litigation crowdfunding platform.
Innovations in Litigation Funding Digital Event

AxiaFunder have participated in a special digital conference titled Innovations in Litigation Funding hosted by Litigation Finance Journal. The event consisted of a panel discussion focusing on disruptive technologies in the litigation finance industry.
Flexible litigation funding
Unlike traditional litigation funders who would be backed by institutional investors and required to operate within strict investment constraints, AxiaFunder, a litigation funding platform, offers fast and flexible low-cost funding solutions to claimants and solicitors because it relies on sourcing capital from a large pool of professional, high net worth and sophisticated retail investors.

AxiaFunder launches secondary market for trading litigation finance investments

AxiaFunder launches secondary market for trading litigation finance investments enabling case investors to trade case investments among each other while the legal case is still ongoing, within certain constraints on pricing and timing.