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Housing Disrepair Claims (Case ID: 4968)

Housing Disrepair Claim


Limited partnership funding of £55,000 to £275,000 required to fund disbursements on a portfolio of 20-100 Housing Disrepair (HDR) claims litigated by a law firm with a dedicated team specialising in HDR claims, and a strong HDR track record. AxiaFunder has previously raised £1,680,000 for this law firm via Offer ID 4452, Offer ID 4647, Offer ID 3550, Offer ID 4764 and Offer ID 4882. The capital raised in the most recent offer (ID 4882) is expected to be fully or almost fully deployed by the time this Offer closes. The funds raised via Offer ID 4452, 4647, 3550 and 4764 have already been fully deployed. We anticipate that the capital from this Offer will be deployed over 3-5 weeks, in approximately equal tranches. We expect 80-85% of the HDR claims will be successful (and that over 95% will settle pre-trial). Any unsuccessful claims will be replaced by the law firm at no cost to the Partnership. The Defendants are housing associations and local councils. ATE insurance cover has been obtained. In the unlikely event the law firm is unable to litigate the cases, the claims will be assigned to another law firm. This Investment Offer has an attractive risk reward profile, in our view, with an expected return of c 19-21% per annum from a diversified portfolio of claims. We expect that investors’ principal and investment gains will be gradually paid to their AxiaFunder wallets within 6 and 15 months from when the Offer closes.

Amount Raised: £275,000

Date Funded: 20/09/2023

60 investors


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