Posted by AxiaFunder Team on 09/29/2022

AxiaFunder Profile Review by 4thWay

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“With realised gains so far of 48% per year, and being unaligned with recessions and property crashes, why wouldn't you consider this opportunity?”.

AxiaFunder raises capital from its network of investors to fund legal cases for claimants - i.e. people or businesses making a legal claim – potentially through the courts – against others. The funded cases are typically expected to resolve within 36 months. For the case to be supported, the claim value should be at least 5 times the predicted cost of taking the case to trial. If the case resolves successfully, you will receive are share of the proceeds.

The legal cases you fund can be grouped into two types:
1) Higher-value commercial litigation: for example, when a business claims against an accountant for professional negligence, or fraud against a supplier, or breach of contract with a business customer. AxiaFunder can typically raise funding of up to £500,000 for this type of claims.
2) Housing disrepair claims: large batches of low-value cases to help tenants in local authority or housing association flats to get the housing repairs that they are entitled to and receive some substantial financial compensation for the delays. Each batch of these cases requires between £50,000 to £300,000 of funding (although this range could well change). 

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