Posted by on 03/06/2019

How to Suffer Loss

The following blog post was written by Bruce Packard CFA, an independent value investor and personal friend of Cormac Leech, CEO of AxiaFunder.

“The idea of litigation finance is simple, legal cases cost money and sometimes a claimant is unable to afford to fight a case; so in exchange for money up front, they share the return of any settlement winnings paid out in the future. Burford Capital does this very successfully – but Cormac is trying to allow retail investors to fund smaller cases.

I find the idea appealing, and not just because it should make money. Partly because litigation finance reminds me of the original adventurous spirit of the City of London and the first Joint Stock Companies which were formed to trade with countries overseas from the 1550s.” 

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Originally posted on Bruce Packard’s blog on 12 Oct., 2018