Posted by AxiaFunder Team on 10/25/2019

The litigation platform that’s changing the game for investors

Not many alternative finance firms can boast that they earned 43 per cent for investors on their first ever case, and while of course, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results, AxiaFunder was always going to do things differently

The brainchild of Liberum Alternative Finance founder Cormac Leech; AxiaFunder is a litigation funder which places merit and morality at the heart of its investment approach. By leaning on the substantial experience of its team, AxiaFunder chooses legal cases which have been deemed to have an excellent chance of success in court, while also upholding the moral integrity that is vital to the team.

“Essentially we’re looking for commercial cases that have strong merit and the moral high ground,” says Michael Lent, litigation consultant at AxiaFunder. “We always like to look for those twin peaks. We don’t want to be backing cases that merely have legal and technical grounds and we want to be supporting claimants who have clearly been disadvantaged by the poor behaviour of the defendant.”

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Originally published in P2P Finance News on 24 October 2019.